Environmental Responsibility

Environmental Responsibility


One of the keystone principles of TIIS Innovation work is a guaranteed environmental responsibility. We present ourselves as a modern equipment of specialists that introduce complex decisions in practice and at the same time complying with all existing norms and requirements. Skilled actions, application of innovations, social and environmental business responsibility - these are key pillars underlying the activity of TIIS Innovation.

Why is our environmental responsibility so important for us?

Let us note that such a responsible approachto project implementation is intended not only at shaping of a positive company image but also at a possibility to take part in the competition for State order.

Environmental responsibility of our company is important for you, our clients, in the first place. What is the key idea?

You will get such advantages as:

  • absence of claims pursued by supervising bodies in the sphere of ecology and environmental protection in relation to the functioning facilities or industrial trunks developed by our company;

  • possibility to gain economic profit due to introduction of technologies for efficient use of natural and power resources, and, as a result, it leads to reduction of production costs of your company or reduction of costs on transportation of working media;

  • building of your flawless reputation as a manufacturer and supplier which positively influences the economic activity.

What tools we use to support environmental responsibility?

Whateverproject we implement, standard or extremely complex, specialists will use various approaches including:

  • assessment of the degree of influence on the environment;

  • environmental audit;

  • environmental insurance;

  • preparation of social records with the focus on the environmental component.

We continuously improve our technologies applied in practice.

Among the most successful methods we can specify such methods as "pipe in a pipe" and "curve" methods that are used during repair of highly hazardous sections of pipelines.

It was tried out many times and proved to be very successful. Our specialists have already helped hundreds of companies in terms of implementation of industrial design solutions. They will also support you complying with all norms and rules and strictly following environmental responsibility provisions.